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Koo-Bikes in partnership with Gawton Gravity Hub!

Koo bikes are proud to announce we are now the official sponsor of Gawton Gravity Hub!

So who are Gawton Gravity Hub, and what does this mean?

Gawton Gravity Hub is part of an amazing mountain biking facility located in the South West of England, near Tavistock, Devon. The Tamar Valley based trails have received a lot of attention in the relatively short period it has been running, and it has already been suggested that it boast some of the best trails in the country!

There are two sites run by the club, and are focused towards downhill mountain bikers, offering a range of tracks graded from Red all the way up to Double Black. You only need to see the videos and magazine articles of the world’s best riders tearing it up, to fully appreciate the quality of tracks on offer. The club is non-profit, which means any money is put straight back into the site, improving tracks and facilities further.

">Gee Atherton on the Dirt/Gawton 1:04 from Jacob Gibbins on Vimeo.

Gawton Gravity Hub currently has a broad range of tracks spread across its two sites, but are eagerly awaiting the completion of one new track in particular. This track is set to be one of the most popular tracks, appealing to a wider user ability range, and being generally very fun to ride. Many people have helped build the track, including several of the staff from Koo-Bikes – we cannot wait to test ride the parts we have had input on!

This year will also see the grand opening of a hut located at the top of the tracks at Gawton. This will offer facilities such as somewhere to get out of the elements, and have a bite to eat and a hot drink, toilets, bike wash, and buy any essentials you might need. This, coupled with a brand new uplift service on its way, and the new track, things are set to be big in the future…

Being offered a chance to get involved with the Gawton Gravity Hub is a great opportunity for us here at Koo-Bikes. We have always been very keen to support local events and organisations, but this long term involvement is a great chance to give something back to the local riding community. Being only a short distance away in Plymouth, we can really get involved as a sponsor, attending events and seeing whats going on first hand. We see the partnership very much as a two way relationship, and want to help Gawton Gravity Hub in every way we can. We feel everyone can benefit, resulting in Koo-Bikes getting their name out there, but more importantly see the club grow into its full potential. We see a bright future ahead, and with the recent developments, it is certainly looking that way, and we are excited to get things going...!

What does this sponsorship mean? Well, essentially Koo-Bikes and Gawton Gravity Hub will be building up a strong partnership, helping each other grow faster and becoming further established in the cycling industry. And of course this means you guys get some of the benefits. Keep your eyes peeled for exclusives Koo-Bikes offers, and special events only available to Gawton Gravity Hub club members.

We will be keeping you all up to date with associated events, and informing you of any related promotions with Gawton Gravity Hub. Make sure you check out their awesome website with all the information on www.gawtongravityhub.co.uk , including how you become a member, information on races, and any other developments for the future… and remember, to ride here, you do need to be a member.

Keep checking back for more updates and news, and make sure you join their new facebook page!

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